Tighten your tie but don’t let it tie you down

Yes, Seriously! It’s great to wear a tie. 

When you build an image, you put your qualities under your name. You establish your appearance. Great!

No matter what you do, in today’s society, people will always be watching or looking at you with a critical eye. Why not give them something to look at.

Being unique sets us out above the crowd.

Let’s give’em something to talk about.

Doing something extraordinary or simply being yourself makes people take notice, but remember you need to keep to your true self. By doing this, people will see the real you. Let’s take it this way: It’s you, and it’s your identity. At the end of the day, you are the only one who can make everything work in your favor. 

Here are 3 ideas for you:

  1. Allow your society to crave your own figure by talking about you. Never be afraid to draw attention to you. See the positive side of it. It’s better to be mentioned than ignored.
  2. To garner the attention of a famous person would be an idea, but be careful what antics you use in order to get the attention. Not all attention is good attention. It is better to be seen in the clarifying light of day then in the shadows of the night.
  3. Publish a variety of stories, pictures, poems, quotes. You can even post controversial articles about people in public positions. But remember, being controversial also takes finesse and this could create some negative backlash. So be careful.

The best way to get noticed is to be yourself. If you like wearing a tie with a t-shirt, then go for it. If you like wearing mismatched flip flops in the summer, then rock those styles. Be you. Everyone else is already taken.