The Open Secret of Unforgettable Leadership

The hallmark of leadership is to be remembered for your accomplishments during and after your work is done.

But it seems no matter how wealthy or well achieved some leaders are, they’re unable to get as much recognition as they deserve. And even when they do, they’re often quickly forgotten as soon as they hand over the baton of leadership. 

However, as a leader, you know you deserve better.

You deserve to be in the class of unforgettable leaders now and in the future. Leaders of this pedigree have been found to have one open secret in common…


Presence is inevitable for leaders who want to be recognized and unforgettable. Steve Jobs had it, was recognized and now he is simply unforgettable. For Steve, it wasn’t just about being a top leader; it was about having a compelling presence. This meant that he had to be available to share his convictions and values to impact more people.

This is why with presence you can leverage your influence to make yourself heard, understood, followed and unforgettable.

Here’s how to build a strong presence and become an unforgettable leader. 

Integrate your character into your brand.

Leaders who went on to be unforgettable achieved that feat by not only leading their brands but by letting their thoughts, character, values and vision shine through.

This gave them a unique presence.

From Coca-Cola’s Asa Griggs Candler to Apple’s Steve Jobs, it is their character integrated into their brand that has made them and their brands unforgettable.

They never held back from sharing their thoughts and visions so much so that they’re remembered not only for what they did but for what they said in such a way that they still wield a compelling presence. 

Be present and personable on social media

Why is this important?

Having social presence gives you a reach bigger than your original sphere of influence. It goes beyond your influence in the office or city and puts you on a global map. But it is not enough to be on social media, you also want to be personable.

Today’s brands are becoming increasingly personable on social media so should their leaders too.

People are looking to be influenced and inspired on social media and only top leaders can have as much impact.  And this often requires leaders to be personable by sharing a real vision so people can follow what they do and love them for it.

It is also about leaders being firmly rooted in the now to change the future. That is leaders are able to connect with what's happening in the present, feel it and provide insight on how to move people forward from there.

Stay present online and offline

One sure way to stay present online and offline is by syncing your personality offline with your online presence seamlessly through personal branding.

Here is what you can do:

  1. Personal branding involves having a well-tailored social media presence to share your convictions and values unhindered.
  2. Personal branding requires you to show up at high profile events as a guest or a speaker as often as possible to share ideas and network with other leaders. Where there’s non that matches your profile, you can also create an event of your own.
  3. You can stay present through personal branding PR campaigns across different media with pointers to how people can follow your work.
  4. You could also write a book to stay present and unforgettable by sharing your knowledge, insights and experiences.


Your leadership achievements may be remarkable but there’s more to becoming an unforgettable leader.  

It all comes down to your presence.

Whether it is reflecting your character through your brand, being personable on social media or staying present online and offline, consider making presence a lifestyle.

Get started with presence here.