How to Create an Online Reputation No Investor or Prospect Can Ignore

Power is presence.

The power of your online presence will ultimately influence how investors or sponsors will judge your brand—rightly or wrongly. Unfortunately, you don’t get to choose how and when investors carry out their assessment of you.

So you either build a formidable personal brand online to set you apart from the crowd or leave it to chance and risk investors and sponsors seeing you in a way that doesn’t advance your business or career objectives.  Here’s how to create that online reputation no investor can ignore:

Sync your off-line personality with your online presence

Creating a compelling online reputation isn’t pretending to be someone you’re not. Rather, it’s about letting prospects know who you really are—your successes, failures, and the lessons learned. The good news is you get to determine what is said about you and how. Doing this means syncing your offline personality with your online presence.  

It is important to remember that you’re first your own brand ambassador so you need to have a powerful online reputation so you don’t sell your brand short.

We’re still saying that people will Google you. Very soon people will start to YouTube you. They want quick updated personal information.”

To build your online reputation, start by sharing your brand story online—the lessons you’ve learned in business, achievements you’ve made and what other players can learn from you.

Whether it is through blog posts, social media updates, or even YouTube videos, make it easy for investors to find updated personal information about you so they can trust you with their investment or business deal.    

Show up and show off your best work

Reputation matters, but what matters the most is how much you show your power in what you know”.

Your talents, opinions, and achievements may be worth billions of dollars but if you don’t show up, you can’t show them off to prospective investors or sponsors.

It is not just enough to be recognized but there’s the need to build relevance as an authority in your niche.

So you may want to consider sharing your views and knowledge about your business, interests and industry through whitepapers, blog posts, and guest posts.

The goal here is to let your peers validate your work as an authority and then investors will find your profile irresistible.

But you can’t wish such a powerful personal brand online into reality.


The Bottom line is…

As a business owner, leader, or professional looking to attract investment or sponsors, the bar is high and you want to get it right the first time. 

Raoul Davis, CEO of The Ascendant Group and official partner of Net2work Solution in Middle East sums it up thus:

We don't get a choice people will either see us as powerful, weak, or ordinary.  We all make perceptual value judgments based on a person’s appearance, communication style, and reputation.  

“The question becomes do you want to intentionally portray a presence that will get you great results or do you want to leave it to chance and risk people seeing you in a way that doesn't advance your personal or business objectives?  

“People with powerful presence get more attention, close more deals, get referred more, and are seen as having more value. 

“It is at best foolish and at worst disastrous to have anything but a well-orchestrated powerful presence.”


This why at Net2work, we select who deserves to be recognized in their field, and empower their position and station in life.

Take action now and have Net2work help you evaluate your online presence and deliver a strategy that’ll help you build your reputation to attract the right business and investment.