How Google is Helping Business Owners Win Partners and Global Investors

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If Google isn’t helping you win partners or investors for your brand, it is probably helping you lose them.

Google is kind of a loud mouth but it only says what it sees, when asked.

In case you're wondering, we are talking about Google search.

If asked, what will it say about you?

Will it say of course it knows you and then shows a photo of you during a conference? Or a link to your website showing the great work you do? May be it will even show how you're spending summer.


Why is what Google says about you and your business so important?

It is because investors, customers, and even prospective business partners are asking Google about you and your brand.

The good news is, you can tell Google just what to say about you so it can help your business close partnerships and investment deals.


How? By:

1. Building your social media presence

Today's investors are looking for who to invest in much more than which business to fund.

They want to see where you've worked; how you work; what you know about your work, what you've achieved; what matters to you, and how you spend your money.

So every social media platform you sign up on plays a distinct role, to give a picture of your personal branding.

If you brand yourself, investors will be able to find you easily and it won’t matter how many namesakes you have.


2. Showing off your industry authority through blogging

You probably know the importance of blogging but haven't gotten round to doing it.

Like it or not Google needs you to show your expertise through blog posts on your website or guest posts on authority blogs in your niche. And with the online business space evolving, you can always hire someone to get these done for you consistently.


3. Promoting brand awareness to increase investor confidence

Let’s face it. Every investor or would-be business partner would always carry out due diligence checks. It could be as simple as typing your name on Google search just to see your brand positioning.

Consider it this way.

How many times have you searched the name of a speaker at an event just after the speaker is announced?

Countless times, right?

We tend to feel a lot more comfortable listening to that speaker if their names appear on the first page of our search—showing their website, social media accounts and anywhere else to find the stuff they say they do.

And when we do find these, doesn't it build our confidence that the speaker is worth listening to?

Same thing applies to investors, they may take what you say about your brand but they also take what Google tells them about you, more seriously.


4. Telling your brand story in your website’s “about us” page

According to Hubspot, the second most important page of your brand’s website is the “about us” page.

When we visit the home page of a successful entrepreneur’s website, the next page we want to view is the “about us” page. We typically want to find out the story behind the brand’s identity and what’s special about the business and those running it.

It’s a unique opportunity to get your customers, investors and partners enthralled by your brand’s story and even inspire brand loyalty. If you do this you can be sure that Google will help you show people this page when they search for you or your brand name.


The bottom line is…

…What does Google know about you and your brand?

Are you in control of what is being said and shared about you online, or are you letting the media sell you short?

If want to make sure to control your personal branding online and your wider offline media strategy, then get in touch with Net2work for a confidential consultation now. 


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