Are You A Runner Or A Leader?

Are You A Runner Or A Leader?

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I Have A Dream (and He’s Got A Plan)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr had a dream and that dream inspired many people. Behind that dream was Ralph Abernathy, who planned the movement. Abernathy knew what it would take to make the dream come true, and he was able to help others realize what needed to be done. Just imagine how fast the movement would have spread with today's social media platforms.

Are you present on your preferred social media networking sites? Are they bringing you the exposure and the business you desire? If you aren’t, you are only thinking about you and not the entire community while at the same time you miss out on the conversation on other channels – online and offline. There are several ways to be successful and create profits. However, are you providing your business the opportunity to become a social movement? 
Are you INSPIRING people? Are people talking about your products and your ideas? 
Are you advancing the prosperity of your organization? 
Do your employees, customers, partners, investors, and others within your circle feel compelled to spread your message? 

They would if YOU inspire them to.

In order for them to have faith in your project, tell them what you BELIEVE. It is one thing to have a clear purpose, but it's also important that your circle of supporters actually HEAR from you. Circle back to your own social media strategy.

If LinkedIn is your only platform, it will not be enough. This is a good starting point, but there is  more. Many businesses feel as long as they are getting likes or using influential hashtags on their platforms, they are doing enough. However, does that really work for your business? Are you being a true LEADER? Successful entrepreneurs do not just drive profits, they also know how to bring about change in their industries and to the lives of people who surround them. There is a huge change to be made.

Remember, you are not a runner.

As someone who believes in your mission, you are the LEADER of the movement.

"Young people will wake up in the morning with a feeling that there is an opportunity for them in the future. Make them help you and others across the region to believe in a brighter future and full of opportunities. And if we look around us, who else but Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashed Al Maktoum, is inspiring the Arab generations? He is giving the sense of purpose and belonging, not only by talking about his great daily achievements. We feel THE cause to support. It's a matter of faith."- Aleen Zakka.

At Net2work we challenge the current perception of a LEADER in everything that we do. We believe in thinking differently. We take brand management to the next step. We challenge ourselves to create personal branding that is customized, beneficial, and that will stand out. This, in turn, will create global opportunities for every TRUE leader!

Industry leaders will often admit that they are not visionaries, but do become empowered by those who can make visions into realities. It takes two to make important things happen. In regard to your project, ask yourself what opportunities and relationships are you missing because you are not utilizing all the media ingredients – offline media as well as social media strategy?

The decision is all yours!

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