3 Strategies That Every Business Owner Needs, To Build An Effective Personal Presence And Increase Brand Profits

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An enormous number of C-level officers today crave to become social yet don’t have a strategy to score a success on this front. As a personal branding advisor and strategist to leaders in the region, I always keep an eye on new leaders and CEOs in the market. They often find it difficult to apply strategies because they don’t have time to have a strategy first, and to apply it second.

The 3 strategies below are tactical and represent a small overview of how a CEO could efficiently establish their presence on social media:

First - Let’s agree on one thing, LinkedIn is the worldwide platform where you can find senior leaders and new talented and professional CEOs in one place. However LinkedIn is not the only important platform. Facebook, Google+, beBee and Twitter are also important and each platform has its own target audience despite some overlapping there. Each platform also has a slightly different user behavior.

When you sit with your strategy experts to set up a plan, you will need first to define your target audience. Then you querry social media experts where you can find this audience. The answer will most likely today be across many platforms.

In terms of personal brand’s target audience, 3 categories of stakeholders must be accounted for. Those are:

  1. Your customer

  2. Anyone who has influence on your customer

  3. Your supporter

Start as soon as possible connecting with all the above 3 categories of people. To be a social CEO, kick off this journey by interacting with them through sharing quality updates. Slowly but surely, you will see that you’re getting closer and closer to build a serious business relationship with many of them.

When you connect with them, don’t forget to add those connections to your CRM. In case you don’t have a CRM, start with an Excel sheet or even an Evernote; anything that helps you keep a track record of your potential leads. That could also help you have an interesting discussion with them from time to time.

At this point you need to ask yourself:

From here, where do I want to go? What do I want to suggest to them the next time I talk to them? Always set goals because if you do not understand where you are going, you won’t know if you get there.

One method for all platforms and all people?


Delve into social media daily and see what works for your and others.

Next? Change what you are doing and adapt your message to your target audience to get your message across.


Second -  What is more important to you: the number of followers or their weight to bring you qualified leads?

This really depends on your business goals. At Net2Work, we always advise our partners to work with a quality audience base. When you connect with someone, do your research and see what values that person can add to your venture. There’s no point adding people you have nothing to do with just to increase your number of followers.

You would convert no lead if you don’t discuss with them. Never underestimate the power of discussing with every connection. Find topics that can bring you both on the same ground in a face-to-face meeting. Everyone is busy. However LinkedIn and beBee are like your 24/7 business card. When you give your business card to people, you talk to them and share interests. Do the same on LinkedIn, even for 1 hour a day.


Third - The first lesson in marketing says “speak your audience language”. If you can speak with your connection in their first language that is just great. Yes, English is the language of business par excellence today, but I find it amazing when someone speaks Arabic with me on social media.

Ask your new contact if they prefer to speak in their own languages. It makes the conversation more personalized. The more you know languages, the more you make it easier for your network to talk to you!

Keep your social media presence active and likeable by sharing quality content on a daily basis. And most of all, know who your audience is and target them with their most interesting content ever.

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